• Medical / Moving Tax Deduction

    The mileage deduction for 2017 is down to 17 cents per mile.

    The rate is determined by the GSA apparently based on actual costs for driving.

    In 2016 it is down to 19 cents a mile but the cost of fuel is down dramatically as well so it worked out great!

    The Medical/Moving deduction back in 2015 was listed at $0.23 or twenty-three cents a mile.

    In that year it was a half of a cent higher at 23.5 cents per mile for medical mileage.

    That is not bad but in 2013 it was 24 cents per mile, which was a half cent higher.
    The rate for Medical / Moving mileage is down from 2013 and 2014 the rate for 2014 was $0.23.5 or twenty-three and a half cents per mile.
    Here is some info on the 2013 medical mileage rate.

    The rate is near the half way point that they give us for business mileage and almost double that of charity mileage.

    The miles driven have to be written in your mileage log when you drive them ( Not when you are actually driving down the highway but just before and after the trip.
    The IRS is concerned about how well you keep your records and you are not supposed to be filling out a mileage log just before you are paying taxes for the previous year. The IRS in an audit won't like the guesstimate approach to your miles.

    Your medical miles

    Let's just guess that you are driving a trip of 50 miles to the specialized medical facility for some treatment once a week. You have to drive home from there as well so the trip is 100 miles a week. That trip x 52 weeks of a year would give you a total of 5,200 miles.

    At that rate multiplied by twenty three cents per mile you would get a deduction of $1,196.00 for the year. That pays for a lot of gas for your car!
    So use the mileage method if you can. Get more info at the IRS §214.